Rules for artists

Rules and regulations

  • 1.

    Application order

    • 1.1

      The Competition will be held in two age divisions: Junior Division (boys and girls) and Senior Division (male and female). The Competition in each division will be held in two categories: solo and duo.

      Junior Division: young dancers who are already 14 but have not yet come of 19 years of age at the moment of the Competition, will have the right to join Junior Division of the Competition.

      Senior Division: dancers, who are younger than 27 years old and elder than 19 at the moment of the Competition, will have the right to join the Senior Division of the Competition.


      The Competition will be held in Moscow at the Bolshoi Theatre from June 10 till June 20, 2013.


      Applicants wishing to participate in the Competition are requested to send the following documents to the Competition Board by registered mail, express mail or e-mail:

      • application form (please find sample attached);
      • X- copy of passport;
      • X- copy of the dance education certificate;
      • brief curriculum vitae;
      • program for each of the Competition three rounds, with the title of each work, name of the composer and the choreographer (please see form in attachment);
      • the following photographs of the applicant in the electroinic form: one portrait photograph, two photographs in role.
      • A high quality videorecording  with applicant’s performance of one variation or duet. The videorecording should be send either by e-mail or on a CD (DVD format) and duly signed: name and surname of applicant, title of the performed item and date of recording.

      The application deadline is March 31, 2013

      Note: Laureates of International Ballet Competitions – members of International Federation of Ballet Competitions - will be admitted to the Competition without preliminary selections. In this case they must submit X-copy of the Diploma of Laureate instead of video-recording.


      The participation fee shall be paid in cash during the registration procedure at the Competition and payment will be effected in rubles: for participants of the Junior Division – 2000 RBL; for participants of the Senior Division – 3000 RBL.


      Postal address of the Competition Board:
      35, Arbat Street, Suite 642,
      Moscow 119002, Russia


      The Organizing Committee by the decision of the Selection committee shall admit not more than 150 contestants chosen on the basis of their applications and video-recordings.


      If a contestant declines to take part in the Competition, all documents, video-recordings submitted and relating to the participant shall not be returned. The participation fee is non-refundable.


      Applicants admitted to the Competition will be notified by the Competition Board not later than April 20, 2013.


      Upon receiving notification foreign contestants shall apply for their visas and submit a formal invitation letter to the Russian Consulate.



    • 2.1

      The Competition will be held in three rounds. Performance in the Final ( Third ) Round will be with orchestral accompaniment.


      Performing order will be determined by ballot and will be preserved till the end of the Competition. Performing order for duets is determined by the order number of the female competitor.


      After registration and drawing lot procedure, changes in the Contestant’s program can be made only in exceptional cases and only with the permission of the Jury.


      Performance of each Contestant will be estimated individually whether he/she appears in solo or in duet category. Contestants performing in duets will have the right to perform with non-competing partners.


      If a Contestant performing in Duet category is not admitted to the Second or the Third rounds, he or she must stay until the end of the Competition (at the expense of the Competition Board) and perform with his/her partner who is continuing to compete in subsequent rounds, the Closing Ceremony and two Gala Performances of Laureates.


      In the event that Contestants perform a contemporary piece staged by choreographer who becomes a laureate or diploma-holder of the Contest of Choreographers, but will not be admitted to the Second or the Third rounds, they, their partners and pianists shall stay till the end of the Competition (at the expense of the Competition Board) and will participate in the Closing Ceremony and two Gala Performances of Laureates.


      Contestants can use audio-recordings for their performance or perform with pianist. In the case needed, Competition Board will provide pianist free of charge.


      Contestants who are to perform with pianists, must bring their own piano scores with them.


      Contestants who use audio-recordings on CD or mini-CD as accompaniment, shall submit them to the Competition Board upon arrival at the Competition. The name of competitor, item's title and Round number should be clearly and duly stated. Participants must submit recordings for each piece separately.


      The Jury reserves the right:

      • not to award all prizes;
      • to divide prize between contestants (except for the Grand Prix);
      • to award titles of Diploma-holders to participants of the Final Round who were not awarded the title of Laureate;
      • to award special prizes.

      Decisions of the Jury shall be final and will not be subjected to review.


      All Laureates and Diploma Holders, their partners and pianists must perform free of charge at the Closing Ceremony and at two Gala Performances (if announced) with the program agreed by the Jury and Competition Board..


      The Competition Board reserves all rights for TV broadcasting, video recording and filming of all three Rounds, Closing Ceremony and two Gala-concerts of laureates and Diploma Holders of the Competition, as well as for their further distribution (on commercial basis including) without additional fee payable to the contestants, their partners or pianists.

      The Competition Board reserves the exclusive right to sign contracts with third parties for merchandising of the above-mentioned material.

      Video recording and filming shall be possible only upon receipt of special permission from the Competition Board.


    Financial conditions

    • 3.1

      Contestants, their partners and pianists will arrive at the Competition on the dates set forth by the Competition Board in the Letter of Invitation.

      At the desire contestants can arrive before the specified dates to prepare for the Competition. In this case, they will be considered responsible to pay for their staying themselves up to the specified date of arrival set by the Competition Board.


      The Competition Board shall pay for staying (hotel accommodation and meals) of the contestants, their partners and pianists only for the period of their official participation in the Competition: from the date of their arrival in Moscow but not earlier than specified date, and for not more than two days after the end of the Round in which the contestant took part.


      Contestants who arrived at the Competition and refused to perform, and also Contestants who are not admitted to the Second and Third Rounds, and their partners may stay up to the end of Competition at their own expense.


      In the case of preliminary request Competition Board will assist persons accompanying the contestant (teachers, relatives) in visa arrangement, hotel reservation and booking tickets for Competition Rounds.


      Competition Board will not provide Contestants and their partners, also their accompanying persons, with insurance.


      The Competition Board will not provide contestants with music, scenic suits, make-up and ballet footwear.


      The Competition Board will provide contestants with classes to rehearse and one stage rehearsal before each Round at the place where the Competition will be held.


      By signing the Application Form, applicants will be deemed to declare that they fully accept the Rules of the Competition, without reservation.


  • Junior Division

    • Solo

      • I Round:
        • one variation from the classic ballets listed in the Competition’s Obligatory Repertory;
        • one character dance;
      • II Round:
        • two variations from a classic ballet;
        • a contemporary piece specially choreographed for the present Competition, or a fragment from a ballet staged not earlier than 2005. Duration must not exceed 4 minutes.
      • III Round:
        • two variations from classic ballets.
    • Duet

      • I Round:
        • one variation from the classic ballets listed in the Competition’s Obligatory Repertoire for each of the partners;
        • one character dance (can be performed singly);
      • II Round:
        • one pas de deux from a classical ballet;
        • a contemporary piece specially choreographed for the Competition or a fragment from ballets staged after 2005. Performance duration: not more than 5 minutes for duet performance. The contemporary piece might be choreographed for ensemble performance (duet, trio) or solo (partners are to perform separately). In case of performing separately – performing duration shoul not exceed 4 minutes each.
      • III Round:
        • one pas de deux from a classical ballet.

    Each item should be performed only once.

  • Senior Division

    • Solo

      • I Round:
        • one variation from the classical ballets listed in the Competition’s Obligatory Repertory;
        • one variation from a classic ballet at the Contestant’s choice;
      • II Round:
        • two variations from a classical ballet staged by a choreographer of 19th - 20th centuries;
        • a contemporary work or a fragment from a ballet staged after 2000. Performance duration: must not exceed 5 minutes;
      • III Round:
        • two variations from classical ballets.
    • Duet

      • I Round:
        • one pas de deux from classical ballets listed in the Competition Obligatory Repertory;
      • II Round:
        • one pas de deux from a classical ballet staged by a choreographer of 19th - 20th centuries;
        • a contemporary piece or a fragment from a ballet choreographed after 2005. A contemporary work can be either a duet or a solo (that is for each of the competitors separately). Duet performance duration must not exceed 7 minutes. In case of performing separately, the performing duration must not exceed 5 minutes each.
      • III Round:
        • one pas de deux from a classical ballet;

    Each item should be performed only once.

In this competition I saw a lot of talented young people, many amazing surprises... featuring himself, his work, each participant thus represented his country, the level of its culture. We all were interested to see what is happening in the world in the field of dance, what's new and significant.

Arnold Haskell, UK

The alarming tendency is that the contestants very often change the chorographical “texts”. This arises a strongest protest in me – I do not want to see the well-known choreography of a ballet masterpiece to be filled up with various “additions” which destroy its style and logic…Distortion of choreographer’s original texts is caused by the technical difficulties which make it hard to perform for the contestants. Then they make a “light version”. The situation is very irritating and requires certain amendments in the competition Regulations.

Charles Jude, France

... This is a great event and I am confident that even the performance on the most famous stages in the world will be a precious memory for all who participate in the competition, regardless of whether they will be among the first or not.

Arnold Haskell, UK

And what I would consider to be the most important – the Competition allows us to see that it is the individual style that is most valued in art

Alicia Alonso, Cuba

Since the very first competition in 1969 many things have changed. And if at that time the difference between the countries with long-standing traditions of classical dance and the counties which did not have any was very big, in the following years this gap has faded away. The popularity of ballet has grown up all around the world. And all the better, as I think it has become difficult to demonstrate you mastery, skills, - the professional requirements have been leveled up!

Olga Lepeshinskaya, USSR

Our Competition, giving a very difficult program, thus stimulates the progress of ballet.

Yuri Grigorovich, Russia
To affirm the basis of classical dance, constantly renewing it, enriching it with new lexis, new themes, new genres – that is what our common task is, that is what should reveal itself most brightly at the Competition.
Igor Moiseev, USSR
To success at the competition you need to have a great deal of personality, the strength… You need to be able to show that you love ballet and to perform even better than you actually can.
Loipa Araujo, Cuba
Ballet is not a sport, the combination of ballet movements should be expressive, meaningful, magical. Bazil and Jose should have the same brilliant technique, but by no means – the same expression.
Ben Stevenson, USA
At the International competition in Moscow I have seen a lot of what is really interesting, which I woul never see anywhere else. I love the art of classical dance and will never lay its precious heritage aside. But every time the epoch brings out something fresh, new. And you do not have to make the choice of “either…or” in art. That is fine which is perfect. This is life itself.
Agnes De Mille, USA