Happy International Dance Day!

Every year on April 29, International Dance Day is celebrated around the world.
We are all in love with dance! For some it is a way of expressing the divine through the body and soul; for someone - art, contemplating which you become better; for some it is life that has become a Dance.
This holiday, dedicated to all styles of choreography, has been celebrated since 1982 at the initiative of the International Dance Council (CID) of UNESCO on the birthday of a French choreographer Jean-Georges Noverre, a reformer and theorist of choreographic art.
As conceived by the founders the main idea of this holiday is to unite all areas of dance as a single art form, and the Dance Day itself is an occasion to honor it and also its ability to overcome all political, cultural and ethnic boundaries, the ability to unite people in the name of friendship and the world, allowing them to speak the same language - the language of dance.
Happy Dance Day everyone!
We thank those who created and continue to create a great and beautiful history of dance art! And, of course, we all continue to prepare for the International Ballet Competition in Moscow, which will become a platform for serving today's birthday art form - Dance.