Broadcast of Romeo and Juliet by Kenneth MacMillan Performed by the Covent Garden Ballet Company

On February 14, there will be a broadcast of Romeo and Juliet production by Kenneth
MacMillan, a classic of British ballet.
The ballet premiered in 1965 and has been a hit for half a century. A beautiful, sensual
performance based on Shakespeare's tragedy is the pride of British ballet.
The first performers of the title roles were Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. One of the most
famous ballet couples of the 20th century set not only the high level of the performance, but also
its emotional level. The Royal Opera Ballet company keeps up with them thanks to new
generations of bright stars, including the current performers, British ballerina Anna Rose
O'Sullivan and a Portuguese ballet dancer Marcelino Sambe, beloved by Russian ballet lovers
since the International Ballet Competition in Moscow.
You can watch this ballet performed by a new generation of stars on February 14 and 20 at: